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Machine Learning master project


☀️ The website is live ☀️

This website has been designed to be build collaboratively.
We need your help to maintain up-to-date sections such as publications, funding and events.
If you spot missing/incorrect information, you can either report it via a GitLab issue, or best submit a modification yourself via a merge request. Refer to the Contributing section of the website README for detailed instructions.

Thank you !


  1. Foster collaboration between IN2P3 labs and experiments on ML activities
  2. Share state-of-the-art knowledge between project members and spread it across IN2P3
  3. Encourage physicist to participate to ML conferences
  4. Document ongoing ML projects and HEP related ML tutorials


Before 2022

  • Balázs Kégl, IJCLab, Orsay – until 2018
  • David Rousseau, IJCLab, Orsay – until 2022

Since 2022

  • David Rousseau, IJCLab, Orsay – scientific lead
  • Alexandre Boucaud, APC, Paris – technical lead